Thursday, 2 September 2010

Late Friday

End of my first week in the new studio.

I wonder for how long the place will continue to feel ‘new’. My three studio mates have all been here for ten years – but my corner of the room has already been inhabited by several people who’ve come and gone over that time period. Guy joked that I was the ‘Ronnie Wood’ of the setup, but all things considered it might be fairer to describe me for now as occupying a Spinal Tap drummer position! I like to think I’m here for the long haul, though...

Meanwhile my Hove flat seems rather empty without all my studio clutter. All that remains is my decrepit, collapsing Argos desk and a small laptop lovingly donated by my brother. To check my e-mail out of hours I now totter uncomfortably on my three-legged sketching stool.

Tonight I’m off to the opening of a new design studio cum gallery / arty shop in Brighton – LMNOP Shop on Montpelier Place. The street itself is a coquettish thoroughfare that runs parallel to the brasher, less refined main shopping street of Western Road. Locals like me know this road (Excelsior Boulevard, as I’ve pretentiously nicknamed it) as a relatively safe route back into Hove from town after the pub on a Friday or Saturday – where Western road by contrast is an often scary obstacle course of drunk men and pools of freshly puked up kebab-lager combos.

LMNOP shop will stock, amongst many other things, my very own ‘Numbers’ book – and is the brainchild of my former Brighton Uni classmate Alison Guile, herself an artist and illustrator. It promises to be a nice evening and, if all the hard work is anything to go by, an even nicer shop. Their website is here.

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