Monday, 11 October 2010

Glug Skulls

On Friday night I had an exciting evening, doing live painting at the Brighton Glug event in The Basement on Kensington Street. Although in the past that I admit I’ve said that live painting doesn’t greatly appeal to me, in the spirit of healthy self-contradiction I decided this was reason enough to give it a bash. The project brief was challenging and interesting - painting on ceramic skulls that will later be glazed, fired and auctioned for charity.

My scheme for the skull was just a bit of fun really – imagining, strictly tongue-in-cheek, what sort of person might have inhabited the skull I was adorning. I thought maybe he was a young man called Rhodri (the name just popped into my head) – a bit of a white van man in training, a typical bloke – drinking and pulling – but not a nasty individual. Elements of frustration, suppressed emotion and disappointment remained hidden behind his blokey carapace.

We got the skulls earlier in the week, so I had the chance to plan my design and pencil it out beforehand. On the night I had my work cut out to execute all the detailed text and line work with a brush in some fairly challenging circumstances (loud music, lots of people coming up to chat and bumping into me). Painting on bisque was a new and pretty difficult experience – it’s very absorbent and sucks the moisture out of the brush almost on contact, plus it’s very rough and quickly causes the brush to splay out. All things considered, though, I’m really pleased with the results – I'll post more pictures after it's been glazed.

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