Monday, 22 November 2010

New Sketchbooks Blog

I’ve been experimentally posting up some new work on a second blog over recent weeks. I’m keeping it as a sacred space to play around with new ideas and take my style in some different directions.

This parallel ‘sketchbooks’ blog grew from a recent self-analysis of my working methods. I’ve noticed a temptation to feel that everything in my main portfolio has to be highly finished, commercial and perfect - which can engender a certain hesitancy, or take the edge off the heady, devil-may-care joy of quickly generating work. Interestingly this has never been much of an issue with my visual diary, and two obvious reasons for this spring readily to mind – firstly, although the diary may cross over into the commercial world, it’s never ever been made solely in the pursuit of work. As such it retains a certain purity. Secondly, I have a defined commitment to produce a certain number of new additions to the diary each month. Knowing that people really do religiously check back expecting updates (I’ve had e-mails from four continents to prove it) is an unbreakable contract that motivates me to produce new pages. I’ve been trying to harness this power experimentally, for a while at least, by committing to post five new non-observational sketches on the sketchbooks blog each week.

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