Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Management Today

I have been a monthly contributor to Management Today for an astonishing five and a half years now – which makes them my oldest and most trusted clients.

I started out as regular portrait illustrator of their ‘Start Again’ column at the end of 2004. I’d only just graduated and their offer of a regular gig was a hugely gratifying vote of confidence.

The style has been tweaked over the years – from the early loose pastel sketches to a more recent, smooth acrylic finish. A big change came last year after a redesign of the magazine – the column relaunched as ‘You Live and Learn’ – complete with much larger space for the portraits.

This month marks a triple whammy for me in Management Today. In addition to my regular portrait (this month - former Dragon’s Den investor Simon Woodroffe) I’m featured on their Contributors page, and my pencil portrait of former Pizza Express boss Luke Johnson makes the first of many appearances atop his monthly column.

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