Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Saliva in Brighton

My full-size 3 metre Peter Andre Saliva Tree print will be getting another airing from next Friday (May 5) as part of the Brighton Fringe Festival. I’m participating in a small group exhibition with ‘KUTAC’, the art group of which I’m a member. We meet every month to discuss our work and help one another with creative ideas – and have held small annual exhibitions since 2010. This year we’re on the Artists Open Houses trail, showing some work in Moksha Cafe just opposite St. Peter’s Church on York Place in Brighton. Fellow exhibitors this year are fine artists Hannah Buckley, Ellen Stewart and Ella van Breda, together with textile artist Wendy Ward.

The Peter Andre Saliva Tree was a personal project on which I slaved for many months last year. You can read in-depth old blogposts on it here and here – but, in a nutshell, the large scale print connects 400 celebrities, via marriages, affairs and divorces, to the perma-tanned fame limpet himself, Mr. Andre. An abridged book version with around 250 celebrities is available on my website shop.

The print was displayed at KK Outlet in Hoxton last summer. Despite asking all my friends to tweet Mr. Andre on the occasion of the exhibition launch, to date I have yet to receive any response from the man himself. (I’m guessing he’s just too flattered to be able to express his emotion in words, right?)

I’m looking forward to displaying the print outside of a gallery context – in a public meeting place where it can spark conversation and interaction. The show runs until June 14th, so pop in for a coffee and a gander. All the artists will be at Moksha on May 5th from 4.30 for coffee and chatting. Festival time promises to be a busy time for me as I’m also involved in another Artists Open House – further info coming soon...

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