Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Artmagic - Down in the River Video

Artmagic - a collaboration between Suede guitarist Richard Oakes and producer Sean McGhee - will release their new single ‘Down in the River’ (with PJF cover art) on October 21st. Meanwhile here’s a look at the rather lovely promo video for the song. 

The video features background cameo appearances from some Artmagic friends and collaborators – amongst others: friend of the band (and production assistant on the day) Robert Dick, makeup artist Julia Blair, singer and collaborator Alexander Nilere aka The Black Moth, and former Geneva singer Andrew Montgomery (whose forthcoming Sean McGhee produced debut solo disc also features guitar from the other, camera shy Artmagician Richard Oakes). Oh, yes, and I also pop up there a few times… The video was filmed in London a few months ago – across a long but fun Saturday. For most of us it was like attending a slightly surreal party, with beer and pizza and occasional requests to stand mute and stock-still in front of a camera for a while. (For singer Sean, of course, it was just a day in front of the camera, without the beer and pizza).  
I managed to capture a moment from the day myself for my visual diary (though I should point out that contrary to my caption the video was CO-directed by Paul Stroud and Nicholas Woodhead.) The end result is a fun video for a great single – enjoy it and spread the word! Oh, and if you like it, buy the album here.

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