Wednesday, 15 May 2013


Next year is the tenth anniversary of my visual diary project, and I'm planning to commemorate this milestone by publishing a book of the project in 2014 - a special printed selection of highlights from the 1000+ drawings in the archive. I'll be posting updates on this blog, of course, but there is also a twitter feed @PJFDiaryBook devoted to the project, where I'll be sharing news and previously unseen sketches from the back catalogue.


On a completely different note, here are some recent illustrations I did for The Simple Things, showing you how to release a fish into a pond! Random, I know. I had no idea there was so much involved...

1. With your fish in a bag, hold him in the water to let the little blighter acclimatise to the temperature

2. Empty a cup of pond water into the bag to let him get used to the bacteria. 

3. Don't just chuck him in! Hold the bag under the water and let the nervous little fellow venture out in his own time...


Finally... After a busy few weeks I'm off on Friday, for a well deserved ten days of respite from drawing goldfish etc. I'll be back in the studio on May 28th...