Monday, 21 April 2014

Kickstarter Day Eleven

Just over a third of the way through my Kickstarter campaign (click here to view the page) and the response has already been amazing. Yesterday I made it halfway to my funding goal. I have to offer heartfelt thanks to those who have already pledged and shared the link - for without you, projects like this simply couldn't happen. It has been humbling and exciting to witness this collective support unfolding.
I've spent all week e-mailing and tweeting like mad to get word of this project out there. It was a particularly nice moment when Jon Ronson, a writer I admire, tweeted praise for both project and video to his 89,000 followers. I was also delighted to have my work discussed with sensitivity and no small amount of panache in Julia Kite's blog (here's the link).
All ten of my £45 rewards are gone, so I've added a new £50 reward stage, which includes an exclusive set of 5 PJF greetings cards. Meanwhile (at the time of writing) only TWO of the original fifty £14 rewards remain in stock.
It's proceeding well but if you're reading this and can possibly think of any further ways you can share, promote and support this campaign, then please do get involved - there are still lots of lovely rewards on the Kickstarter page. I can't do this without your help!

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