Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Kickstarter Day Twenty

Ten days left to run on my Kickstarter campaign and I continue to be delighted and heartened by the response to my book. I am still right on target to meet my goal - and I only have the faith and encouragement of my backers to thank.

The £14 earlybird rewards are long since sold out - though it's worth emphasising that many of the rewards offered are at a special price- the Diary Book itself being a great case in point. When it's released, I expect this 200 page full colour hardback book to be sold via my online shop at £20 (inc p&p). Pre-order it in the next ten days and you can still get it for just £16, inclusive of postage - AND get your name listed as a backer in the Credits page.
As an extra incentive I have added a new £40 reward - a copy of the book plus 2 beautiful picture 7" singles by Artmagic featuring artwork by me. This reward is strictly limited to 5 backers only!If you haven't pledged yet, get involved via the link below - or share it via social media to give me a boost to the finish line!

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